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Useful Resources

Are you looking for a site that brings together a range of perspectives?

Here are some useful links to other websites that have shaped my beliefs. I'll add to the list as I read books usually and try not to make it too long. I am always on the lookout for valuable resources. If you have any sites that you think should be included here, contact me.

In alphabetical order;

A great site sponsored by Dr Martin Seligman, giving free tools to assess your own happiness. He is a major force behind the Positive Psychology movement, a movement interested in discovering what is right with people and not what is wrong with them.

Marshall Rosenberg's wonderful book on Non Violent Communication is a must read resource for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills.

Susan Scott's book called Fierce Conversations is another must read if you want to be able to handle difficult relationships.

Margaret Wheatley paints an alternative and powerful view of organisations and how they work. I use Margaret Wheatley's work to frame my Leadership Programs and team programs. Her work rarely fails to shed new light onto old problems; and generate simple solutions - great stuff!!!

Dr Scott John, my friend and mentor developed the Reciprocity Approach through ten years of research and consulting. Check out his website and his own thinking.

Work has had centuries of bad press, being blamed for a range of societal ills. This book puts work back into its proper perspective and will help us all have Happy Mondays.

http://www.the tablegroup.com/
Patrick Lencioni has written a series of fables about effective teams and leaders. While he uses a 'deficit' model in his stories (e.g. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team), I have used his models to help explain a range of common challenges teams and managers face. Highly recommended reading.

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