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"What people really need is a good listening too"

Mary Lou Casey

"All individuals attending Actualise programs are intelligent, capable and motivated to improve their own lives and the lives of others"

Based on "The Essential Premise - Harvard Centre for Medical Simulation"

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Individual Coaching & Development

For effective professional development

Coaching and professional development sessions are provided for business leaders and staff. Coaching is highly effective when dealing with real problems, challenges or opportuities and you are struggling or want to try different things.  The best coaching occurs when the problems are real and current.

When do you need Coaching or Professional Development?

You may find Coaching or Professional Development appropriate when;

  • You are not coping with the demands of your work
  • You have run out of ideas
  • You are about to transition to a new role (BIG TIP:  Start coaching before the change if possible and you won't need much coaching after transition)
  • You recognise a gap in your knowledge or capability
  • You want to stretch yourself and expand your life
  • You want to increase your personal effectiveness

What Will You Achieve?

Through Coaching and professional development, outcomes that can be achieved include;

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased confidence in your self and what you can achieve
  • New options for resolving old issues
  • Increased personal effectiveness

How are Coaching and Professional Development services delivered?

Coaching can be delivered in person or via phone / webcam.   I do not offer standard "coaching packages" as I have found everything needs to be tailored to individual needs. We agree on the approach and the time commitment.

Sessions can be held at my office in Bowen Hills or at your place of work.  Coaching can be delivered before and after work hours if necessary.

Need to find out more? If so, contact me and we can discuss your needs further. If not, click here to return to the Home page.

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