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How We Work - Developing Sustainable Performance Improvement

The Actualise Approach Reflects My Philosophies.

Mutually beneficial relationships are a key source of sustainable performance improvement. In the absence of mutual benefit, in time the relationship will atrophy and die and opportunity for growth is lost. It is this belief that informs everything I do and every program I run, be it a personal, team or leadership development program. While all my programs contain elements of skills training, the primary emphasis is on "personal development" - the learning that comes from within.

I take a "whole of life" perspective when working with clients. I have found that people do not leave their personal lives at home and rarely leave 'work' at the office.

"I don't believe in work / life balance. My life is me. I just change location" - Carl's Favourite Saying

I find that people who are having problems at work for example often cannot determine whether the causes of their work 'issues' are derived from work or elsewhere. So I don't discriminate - I treat clients as a whole person, not just a work function.

I typically work with people at their place of work or at my office in IndooroopillyDepending on the nature of the issues I may;

  • Meet one-on-one with clients
  • Attend team meetings to develop a deeper understanding of the individual and team contexts (embed)
  • Facilitate tailored off-site workshops from a few hours to several days
  • Design and implement a longitudinal program lasting several months
  • Attend follow up sessions to ensure outcomes are achieved

My work is based on research and my own experience that every person has a unique life that is in a state of constant flux. Their work is just one aspect of their lives and the answer to many of work and lifes challenges lies in understanding this environment.

In working with you, you will find that;

I will respect you as an individual. I will get to know you personally as well as your business or work environment. I will seek to understand you and discover what is important for you. I will get to know what your priorities are, what challenges you are facing and how you want things to be different. I will work with you to implement strategies that best meet your needs, not mine.

My programs and strategies are flexible. No client is the same. Different clients need different things at different times. While cost effective, I have found "off-the-shelf" programs don't usually meet the needs of the client so I don't bother with them. I have a range of frameworks, models and activities that have can be blended to meet your particular needs.

I operate with the highest level of integrity. If something is not working, I won't kid myself or you that things are okay. I don't want to waste your time or mine on programs that are are not working for you. My reputation and your referral are critical success factors for me. I don't want to jeopardise that.

I practice everything I encourage in others. I don't just deliver this stuff then go home and live another life. I believe in what I do and practice it everyday. I am still learning myself and I try to make fewer mistakes everyday. You will quickly experience my approach first hand, in the first conversation.

Based on Experience - The information included in this site and the various services are all based on direct experience of what works to develop capability and create sustainable performance improvement. There is nothing theoretical or hypothetical about the ideas I expound. If it works and enhances my approach, I will use it and will share it with you.

My Approach - I use three main approaches to deliver my services:

While the approaches are different, they are all informed by the same philosophy. The approaches reflect the different approaches or journeys the clients are on when they work with me.

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