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Satisfaction Guarantee

The Actualise 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

The Actualise 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

"My work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of you, the client. If you are not completely satisfied with my services, I will, at your option, either waive  my professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction".

My expectations of you are:

  • A genuine commitment to try something different
  • Active participation
  • Willingness to trust others and take reasonable risks even when fearful
  • Willingness to step outside your comfort zone
  • To raise concerns and questions when you have them
  • The determination to get real answers to some very important questions

Why am I offering a guarantee?

Two reasons.

  1. If I am going to charge you for providing professional services, why shouldn't I be held accountable for the outcome of those services?
  2. Self-discipline - knowing that my fees are at risk if I do not give 100%, having a guarantee in place keeps me on my toes and focused.

Has anyone made a claim?

No.  To be honest, I don't think people trust a guarantee.  Consulting peers think I am nuts even offering a guarantee.  Personally, I don't have to worry about it.  If I focus on you, the client, listen to what you need, be honest with you and do my very best, the guarantee will never be exercised.  It's not that hard really.

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